Responding to what I see
Refracting what I experience

Photo by Dat Tien Vu

Responding to Melinda Ring’s Strange Engagements

January 2020. I felt the internal sloshing, bumping, thumping of bone and flesh and breath on floor and skin and air. I felt the sweat dripping off his nose. I felt the squeak of the floor against her thigh.  Us, the audience, were let into a secret world of five people who flop, hump, and […]

Responding to Aki Sasamoto’s Phase Transition

January 2020. A manipulator (not Aki) seems to know where everything goes. She takes things apart, piece by piece, drawing our attention to the little parts that make up what feels like an eccentric aunt’s attic lab. Glass casks, canisters, bespoke carts, shiny worm-like air vents. It all fits together perfectly, despite looking DIY. The […]

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