being with and letting go

Photo by Ian Douglas

This writing was published as a part of Danspace Project’s Volume II of PLATFORM 2020: Utterances From The Chorus, a virtual catalogue that contains memories and reflections of the multi-week Platform. Read an excerpt below, and read the full essay here, on page 27.

In the sanctuary, teetering on the edge of performance, we expand our internal worlds with effortful abandon until they swallow each other up, holding each other in the corners of eyes bumping shoulders shifting breathing air…The work was so much more complicated than transcending or ascending or emptying or filling up. [Nacera] wasn’t asking us to erase history. She was prompting us to discover what we needed to let go to become vulnerable. She was pointing us towards our specific, personal ways of cracking open. Let go, let go, let go, let go, let go.

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