Responding (notes app edition) to Fana Fraser’s MINDSEX at Abrons Arts Center

Images read:


waiting for it to move you
waiting for it to speak thru
auras and ghosts
couldn’t watch some spit spots
honey viscous sweet
mind fuck – perpetual opening
nora is anxious
what are we there for?
whose sex?
starting stopping getting distracted can’t decide can’t decide

getting confused and confounded by
oddities staged and ways of being and
deciding to be ways enacted
heart tired need to lay down

is fana ok
therapy twice a week and herbs and
a signal a specter a ghost making me scared of my shadow
i think it speak to my fear of going crazy
of really allowing myself to lose it
of being watched and feelin getting into that disgusting zone of what they me contain
impossible impossible
what am i so scared of

These notes were written after and informed by conversations with Bella Thorpe-Woods and Emily Rose Cannon.

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