Responding (notes app edition) to Tere O’Connors Rivulets

Image reads:

satisfying like drinking from a water fountain
not all at once but also all at once
unison can be hydrating
butterfly sweat stains and
bodies in a rorsharch test
i guess i like a ballet formation
i guess i like a ballet formation when i can unfocus my eyes and just get blurs off
green and flat hands and body vibratto
bodies in teres image teres eye’s making
but less eerily thin than i remember the ballet formation
bodies i recognize executing precisely

i’m surprised they didn’t laugh more
because pattering little hands in unison is just funny
it tickles
it is choreographing serendipity
it is choreographing a giggle
in all seriousness choreographing a chorus of giggles and patty cake
tastes like the lick of water

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