Responding (notes app edition) to Audre Wirtanen , jaamil olawale kosoko, and Levi Gonzalez at Judson

Images read:

tell the story with frankness
of the devastatingly fucked up world
this world where glitter and cake adorn slow violence that keeps us weary
talking shit like it’s her job like her life depends on it like our lives depend on it
because how else will we realized the magic trick that turns red to green and buries alarms under the plush covers

body encased in sparkling air
body swimming in puns that lighten the despair
face smashed into lumps of sweetness
frosting salted with tears
it’s hard to breathe through a thick treat

opulence reigns
effigy remains
ring light portends a reading for the fans
video feed makes the fans
pop star from afar makes an appearance for the fans

a sermon spectacle delivered as
conversation or
let me just read this to you
until we’re all saying amen
until they are shining, even once derobed,
placing the fringed gloves and the
shimmering shift into the arms of a man in a suit

hey hey hey hey i see you
a child’s game of tag with voice
an improv class’ game of contact with the
hesitation and sludge of men knowing men
is that what an old friendship among men looks like? pushing and pulling and reaching for somewhere to hold and saying sorry with a hand and aiming for a sturdy spot to lean on?

later we’re alone with our skin
playing examining experimenting with the soft flesh that men pretend they don’t have
pink flushes the smooth
pink betrays the heat, the liveness of his parts he manipulates like clay

we’ll get dressed again after, slowly
and look at each other again

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